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Howard writes about learning, global education, and growing up around the world. Recent works:

  • "The Best Place in the World: Modeling the Neighborhood"
    Chapter for UNESCO book, From Smart Cities to MIL Cities: Metrics for Urban Centers of the Future, edited by Felipe Chibas Ortiz, University of Sāo Paulo, Brazil, 2020.

  • “Global Understanding – An Education Paradigm to Harness Globalization and Cultivate Sustainability” Perspectives from UNESCO Chairs on the Futures of Education, chapter co-authored with Dr. Benno Werlen, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany, 2020.

  • “How the Next Generation of Global Kids Will Learn from One Another”
    Knowledge@Wharton, March 16, 2018.

  • “Kids on Earth: A Unique Learning Tool for the 21st Century”
    Childhood Education Innovations, May/June 2019, Washington, DC, USA.

  • “Kids on Earth: Travelling the World to Understand the 21st Century”
    Parenting for a Digital Future, London School of Economics, June, 2019.

  • “Kids on Earth: The Next Normal”
    Children’s Media Yearbook, 2018, Sheffield, England.


Digital Insider is Howard's blog featuring 500 articles about clear thinking, creativity, travel, books, music, public policy, and technology. It replaced a nationally-syndicated newspaper column I wrote for up to 100 newspapers including the Chicago Sun-Times, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Cincinnati Enquirer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, San Jose Mercury, San Juan El Nuevo Día, and many Gannett papers. Over 750 weekly articles covered the shift to digital culture.


I have written 25 books. The most popular, written with law professor Oliver Goodenough, was called This Business of Television, and it continued through three editions (Goodreads: “Broad in scope and rich in detail, This Business of Television has been the essential sourcebook for producers, writers, broadcasters, network executives, and other television professionals since the first edition was published…”


My favorite book, written with Dorothy Curley Tecklenburg and Brad Williams, was the fully-illustrated book, The Complete Time Traveler. The You Can Do It! series encouraged teenagers to consider a wide range of careers within popular industries: television, and baseball. Branded for Life explained the impact of marketing on beliefs and knowledge through the lens of government, public health, nutrition, transportation and religion and the teaching of history. The Creative Professional is a business book for the 1 in 25 Americans who work in creative professions. It described the local and global marketplace, the ways creative people work, overcoming obstacles, inspiration and callings, and maintaining a lifetime career.

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