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21st Century Learning Project:
Today's young people are the healthiest, wealthiest, best-informed, best-connected generation in the history of the world, but school and education have not changed since the 20th century. Currently in development: a framework for 21st century learning. With The School of Education and Human Development at The University of Virginia.


Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
won multiple Emmy Awards and the Peabody. Other past projects include: an award-winning documentary about children and friendship, an interactive game to encourage secondary students to remain in school, adventures in U.S. and Asian history, a book about world music, and more.


Kids on Earth features hundreds of children and teenagers telling stories about their own lives. Recorded on location in villages, towns, and cities around the world, this growing video library includes about 1,000 segments currently viewed in more than 80 countries.


Our Whole World in Their Handsnew book about how 21st-century children and teenagers learn, all over the world. The book focuses on what we currently know about life in the mid-21st century, and what students all over the world will need to do, to know, to thrive in an era that’s very different from the previous century.


Reinventing School is a weekly video interview series that addresses big questions: what should young people learn, and what is the best way to get that job done? The series features education professionals, big thinkers, and young people fully engaged in every discussion.

In 2017, I traveled to Uganda, then to Hong Kong, and completed my first trip around the world. Since that time, I have committed myself to learning, studying, teaching, writing, and telling stories that promote the best possible lives for children and teenagers. By my count, 2.5 billion young people live on earth: roughly 1/3 of the world's population. I believe we underestimate their ability to learn, think clearly, and build a better world. As I attempt to become a more productive global citizen, I work on their behalf.


My academic work at The University of Pennsylvania, and The University of Virginia, focuses on growing up in the 21st century, learning, and human progress.

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